OXHOO, is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in the point-of-sale industry. Created by Gilles Bouvart, OXHOO is a business that is on the cutting edge of innovation within its sector.

Our ambition is to guide you through the breakthroughs in point-of-sale technology, by creating touchscreen terminals that can integrate in any industry and provide stakeholders with a complete range of products to cover all business sectors.

Our philosophy is to take a different approach: reducing the total cost of ownership with high-tech, reliable equipment coupled with a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate in providing only the highest levels of service.

OXHOO will guide you in developing your brand.

OXHOO offers an unprecedented concept of scalable point-of-sale solutions. With the relaunch of our DANDY and INDIGO product ranges, OXHOO has revealed a new concept that allows you to develop and adapt in a way like never before.

An entirely new and revolutionary configuration with a shared base, a new and modern stand alongside an even thinner design, our products come together according to your needs on two multi-touch capacitive screens: a 16” wide screen (DANDY) or a 15.6” screen (INDIGO).

1 base, 2 screens, 4 processors...
Endless possibilities.


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Aware that our natural resources are limited, OXHOO POS terminals are designed with an eco-friendly approach. That’s why our choice of components is not only guided in the search for reliability, but also for energy efficiency. Low-energy Intel processors alongside LED-technology screens, the OXHOO POS terminals use energy sparingly, whatever version you’re using. It’s thanks to this drive towards energy efficiency that OXHOO is able to offer FANLESS POS terminals, merging reliability with efficiency.

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