CM7000 / 7500


Our offering is evolving and enriching, discover our range of cash payment automaton connected. Equipped with the OXHOO Link system, the CM7000 is compatible with all software without development. Secure your financial flows, and optimize your productivity!

Discover CM7000 / 7500 our cash manager system that makes money automatically. It consists of two steel modules that integrate directly into your furniture and connected to the point of sale terminal. CM7000 has two major assets that revolutionize the world of cash manager : an opening hostess side that enhances security and comfort and a seamless and fast compatibility with all software! OXHOO Link, the recognition system of the CM7000 allows you to install it with the software of your choice in record time. There is no software development to perform, CM7000 gives you total freedom. Its 7500 version allows you to recycle up to 4 note values. Do not waste your time, optimize your productivity!


OXHOO Link is an interface between your payment software and our secure payment machines. Innovative, it allows to link with your existing equipment, without development costs and very quickly. Its technology makes it compatible with most Windows POS software. Completely transparent, your staff dedicated to cashing will not be disturbed by its installation. Secured, only authorized personnel will have access to cash. Communicating, information emails (movements, inventories of stocks) will be sent to the managers. OXHOO Link does not question your cashing system, it makes it evolve to another dimension:
Security for your employees, your customers and your cash.