Considering Kiosks: 5 points to help you integrate kiosks into your business

1. Know your customers: Who is spending money in your business and how do they like to shop? According to Retail Wire, 67% of millennials think that self-service kiosks make shopping more convenient, and want to see more kiosks where they make purchases. The same goes for busy office workers grabbing lunch, or travellers rushing to buy something to read before their flight. They need convenience and efficiency with minimal interaction with cashiers.

2. Privacy: Self service kiosks bridge the divide between buying online from the comfort of your home, and piling your purchases in a trolley for everyone at the checkout line to see. The kiosk means customers can make their purchases in relative privacy, and order what they want when it is convenient to them. This convenience has shown a 20% increase in spending. Does this sound like something your business could benefit from?

3. Design & Placement: Kiosks are not all created equal. Think about the ambiance and retail image you have worked hard to create and make sure your choice in kiosk adds to that. What does your kiosk look like, is it approachable, simple, streamlined? Can it be mounted on a wall, tabletop or stand alone? How many do you need to communicate efficiency or privacy? How are the kiosks being utilised? Back to those millennials, who are likely to whip out a smartphone, add to their basket and pop in to pick up goods. Is your kiosk fit for theses needs?

4. Join the Now in Sales: Kiosks are appearing everywhere, and are helping transform customer behaviour. While there is still a learning curve for some customers, many are stepping out of their comfort zone and changing their buying behaviour.

5. Employee Flexibility: Kiosks free up valuable time, allowing your staff to focus on better customer service, sales and development. This makes staff happier, which in turn makes customers more satisfied.

OXHOO: evolving and investing in next generation trends and requirements, bringing to you our first Kiosk.
This clever and simple design compromising of a Panel PC, a BC450 barcode reader and a TP85 printer. So versatile, with the options of being on a stand, placed on a counter top or fixed to a wall. This new Kiosk will offer the customer a complete host of new experiences such as self-check-out and click and collect. Oxhoo: infinite possibility.