Fidelity Systems and Oxhoo

Fidelity Systems and Oxhoo: sharing strategic values

Fidelity Systems aim to be a strategic partner that helps clients maximise their ROI. A key element of this is providing highly functional, robust and easy to use Point Of Sale Systems and the very best levels of customer support for all the products and services supplied, from initial installation to ongoing training. Oxhoo is among the go-to suppliers of POS hardware with innovative features and adaptable design.

“We are confident working with Oxhoo that we are supplying the very best in cutting edge POS technology. In turn, we can confidently assure our clients that our key role as a strategic partner has a solid base. Fidelity is passionate about helping grow business. Oxhoo’s products help make this a reality,” Paul Gomersall, Sales Manager, Fidelity Systems Ltd.

The partnership between Fidelity Systems and Oxhoo is a strong one. As part of the Hermitage Innovation Group, a group of software development companies operating in a number of niche sectors, Fidelity exemplifies the core values of honesty, wellbeing and enthusiasm that permeates through the business and top tier customer service is a common strategic aim.

“Fidelity Systems is a fantastic partner to Oxhoo. Not only are our corporate values well aligned, but the wide range of clients that we service in hospitality, retail, catering and beyond really proves the flexibility and adaptability of our products and systems,” Sarah Appleby, UK Sales & Operations Manager, Oxhoo.

Oxhoo looks forward to a progressive ongoing partnership with Fidelity Systems.