Running an independent business means that you have to get things right from the very beginning. That’s how Intelligent Retail partnered with Oxhoo as hardware supplier for their award winning Epos solution. Their sector focus is independent retailers that run the breadth of British creativity and ingenuity from artisanal traders to homeware, gifts, fashion, greeting cards, pet and equine products to music.

“Oxhoo hardware is highly specified, durable and reliable, a great fit for a premium software solution like ours, also the kit boasts fast receipt printers and i3 processors coupled with 3 year on site warranty. This brings peace of mind to the customer.” David Simpkin, Head of Commercial Sales, Intelligent Retail.

Keeping abreast of trends in retail and adapting to those needs is a core value for Oxhoo, too.

“Delivering an EPOS solution for independent businesses is an extra pleasure. We know that value is a key component, as is resilience and adaptability. Working with Intelligent Retail allows Oxhoo an invaluable insight into the changing needs of independent traders.” Sarah Appleby, Sales & Operations Manager, Oxhoo UK.

An example of the bespoke needs of an independent trader is The Quince Honey Farm. Having grown exponentially since they were founded, and diversifying into hospitality, eCommerce and retail, they turned to Intelligent Retail for their EPOS solution.

“A customer of ours is The Quince Honey Farm. It was founded in North Devon in 1949 and has expanded to include a dedicated visitor centre offering bee keeping experiences, and retail products. They have 6 Oxhoo terminals across their admissions, retail and hospitality functions. The adaptability of Oxhoo products makes an ideal fit for this business.” David Simpkin, Head of Commercial Sales, Intelligent Retail.