A Relationship built on trust, respect, and quality products.

“We rely on Oxhoo products to help us be at our best for exhibitions across the UK. Exhibitions are our strongest source for customer leads. Products like the Zeo have pride of place on our stands, and really draw customers in, giving us amazing exposure to big names in hospitality.”
Samantha Weller, Tevalis Marketing Manager

Good relationships are built on trust and respect and the assurance that you are getting the best quality. These three things have been consistent in OXHOO’s 25 years of working with ePos software developer Tevalis, and the relationship has thrived in a rapidly growing industry.

Tevalis needs the best hardware available to service their clients. This means PoS equipment that fits seamlessly into a range of spaces and environments, from a bustling new Benihana in Glasgow, the ever-popular Aunty Anne’s Pretzels, and the refined elegance and luxury of the Great Northern Hotel in London.

The Zeo adds more than just aesthetic to Tevalis’ customer’s outlets. “We all know that a customer facing screen helps the customer feel more at ease, and cuts down on error. The design and philosophy of Oxhoo products really contributes to enhancing the interaction with customers, in any environment.” Samantha Weller.

Tevalis has installed Oxhoo products for clients like the popular Berts Pizzeria chain and the locally-sourced Farmer J restaurants. Throughout sell-ins and installations, Oxhoo has always supported Tevalis for all product needs and questions.

It is a relationship that will grow in 2019, and beyond, as Tevalis looks to exhibit overseas.