OXHOO & WRS Systems

Seamless EPOS
It works so well you don’t need to think about it

Walk into any of WRS System’s customer’s retail or hospitality spaces, and you would be forgiven for not noticing the EPOS systems. That’s because the focus is rightly on the experience WRS System’s clients offer their customers, and thanks to Oxhoo terminals, the EPOS works as it should: quietly innovating in the background.

“Oxhoo is our main hardware partner, and for good reason. Oxhoo offers every step in POS—from design to service, delivery and support.” Emma Wilson, WRS Business Development Manager

Beginning with a passionate customer team that is never far away, Oxhoo is supportive through delivery of cutting edge, clean and minimalist hardware that adapts to WRS System's varied customer needs. From single retail outlets to large multi-site businesses, Oxhoo design and technology adapts to customer needs as they evolve—from hand held ordering devices to touch screen terminals that put people and interactions front and centre.

“It doesn’t matter how small or large our customer is, Oxhoo products fit them all. The quality of design and dedication of customer service means each of our clients knows they are getting the best POS advice and support. Oxhoo are part of our family.” Emma Wilson

Together Oxhoo and WRS Systems have discussed and refined every aspect of the partnership. The close relationship will take WRS System’s business into the next chapter of EPOS solutions, in tune with their clients’ needs.

“We can confidently rely on Oxhoo to deliver a product that will keep our clients happy, help them to grow their business and serve their customers best.” Emma Wilson