Seamlessly Suitable: Payment Terminals

Reliable. Robust. Adaptable. These are the words that are frequently mentioned when a client is looking to install an EPoS terminal. At Uniware, the commitment is to meet these objectives: providing advanced, proven, powerful and reliable EPoS systems. A hardware partnership is an essential ingredient to ensure that the terminals themselves fit the business, and Oxhoo’s design led products suit the streamlined operations for a smarter customer experience.

Sarah Crouch, Digital Development and Marketing Project Manager at Uniware knows how important adaptability is to customers in a range of sectors from Hospitality and Catering to Tourist Attractions and Motorway Services:

“Oxhoo’s range of payment terminals help us to meet the diverse requirements of our clients. It could be that they require mobile terminals; or need a cash drawer; or that space constraints require hardware with a minimal footprint. Oxhoo can do all of this, and the sleek design is a plus, too.”

Keeping abreast of the ever changing landscape of retail and hospitality is something that keeps Oxhoo’s UK Sales and Operations Manager, Sarah Appleby, thinking creatively.

“Customer facing terminals are an increasing trend in UK retail settings, allowing customers to view purchase options and minimising error. Oxhoo has stepped up to the challenge of making this a functional and aesthetically pleasing option in EPoS technology. In the end its all about communication between design, client and customer. Uniware’s multi-sector customer base puts Oxhoo products to the test, and their second-to-none customer service makes them an important partner.”

Uniware and Oxhoo are committed to dialogue that makes the customer experience seamless and pleasant, for the end user. Training for employees and customer feedback constantly inform how to do things better and more efficiently, all the while providing a stylish and functional product to use.