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Kayvan Moinian

Business Development Manager.

Kayvan Moinian, OXHOO Business Development Manager, shares his take on the future of POS and why he loves being part of the OXHOO team.

4 POS Trends for the Future:

  • More take up of hybrid POS that can be fixed & mobile. The ‘MOOV’ is a great example of this.
  • More reliance on contactless POS technology, a growth propelled by the Covid pandemic.
  • More deployment of self-service kiosk technology in both retail and hospitality.
  • Customers moving away from using consumer based tablet technology and moving more towards commercial grade industry ready mobile POS.

What has been your experience working at OXHOO?

I thoroughly enjoy working in the OXHOO team and being part of a growing company in the POS marketplace. I have vast experience of working in a consultative, fast paced sales environment and have achieved success managing channel partners, resellers and end users across the UK & Ireland for almost 15 years.  My background in POS and related technologies brings opportunities for success and achievement in my role with OXHOO.


When you aren’t busy with customers, where do we find you?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 young boys and going swimming and cycling amongst other activities. My main passion since childhood has been Tennis and I have played at a competitive amateur level since my youth. Love travelling and exploring different cuisines when possible.