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Optimized Compact Design.

Synergizing 3D perception with instant response

Our compact robot navigates spaces as narrow as 55 cm, ensuring maneuverability in cozy environments. Precise environmental perception for swift avoidance. Precise navigation and positioning
Craft precise positioning maps with seamless spatial data collection for trustworthy reliability.

Smart Self-Pickup Guidance

Made possible by tray sensors, a 300° open tray, and voice and visual guidance on the 10.1″ touch screen.

Patented algorithms and multi-robot dispatching

Patented AI algorithms empower robots to optimize route planning for efficient task execution.


Product specifications

Product Dimensions

Product weight

Number of trays

Width of passage min.

Load capacity max.

Battery life

Recharge time

Operating system

384*462*1 096 mm




20kg (5kg by slide)

13-16h (stckers)

9-12h (Laser)

5 h