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3-in-1 Dry Cleaning.


The robot can simultaneously sweep, vacuum, dust and perform other cleaning tasks. It is equipped with a powerful suction motor to clean common waste.

Dual Operation Modes

Switch between manual map building and automated cleaning with the innovative extendable handle. Effortlessly assign and track cleaning tasks, and gain insights into your C30 with the KEENON App.

intelligent and agile

Equipped with 3D vision and an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, the robot can move with agility through the crowd while ensuring the safety of people.

100% Charged, 1500㎡ cleaned

With one complete automatic charging, the C30 can clean up to 1500㎡, ideal for extended cleaning sessions.


Caractéristiques Techniques

Product Dimensions

Weight of the product without battery

Weight of product with battery

Top speed

Maximum slope

Obstacle height

Cleaning area per hour

Cleaning width

Suction power

Battery capacity

Battery life


30 kg

35 kg



2 cm

540 m2/h


450 W

DC 25.2V, 30Ah

3-4 hours scanning and suction

10 hours dusting