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Ultimate Stability.

collaboration between several robots

With a powerful planning system, multiple robots can work together harmoniously in the same environment to gain efficiency, reduce costs, improve service and offer customers the benefits of artificial intelligence.

autonomous navigation

Visual sensors allow the robot to map and recognize its environment, eliminating the need for ceiling-mounted labels. This ensures more reliable navigation and positioning, while preserving the aesthetics of the restaurant decor.

smooth delivery

Multiarm damping and a shock absorption system allow the T5 to maintain its stability on obstacles

Anti-shock plates

Maximum efficiency with flexible structure and 4 trays adaptable to different heights


Product specifications

Product Dimensions

Product weight


Number of trays

Load capacity max.

Width of passage min.

Battery capacity

Operating system

506*502*1 205mm

55 kg

12 à 15 h


10kg by plate


5 h