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Agility Meets Capacity

avigating crowds effortlessly, carrying 40kg, and fitting through 59cm spaces for peak-hour efficiency.

Take it Easy

Open-access tray for easy self-pickup, with visual detection, tray lights, on-screen guidance and voice prompts.

Safeguarding Every Step

360° Recognition, equipped with 5 stereo vision sensors + 4 RGB cameras for ultra-wide, clearer vision

versatile & dynamic

Supports voice, expressions, skins, headwear and more.


Product specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)


Max. Moving Speed

Slope Angle

Charging Time

Battery Life

Totat Load Capacity

Minimum Passage Width

555 x 486 x 1 400 mm

58kg (128lbs)

1.0 m/s


Up to 8h

40kg (88lbs)

59 cm