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Tim Pendlebury

Technical Apprentice.

  1. How are you finding your first week(s) at OXHOO?

I am enjoying my first few weeks here at Oxhoo, I find all the different techniques used by the other technicians in the group and how every different technique ends up with the exact same result.

  1. What will you be working on day to day?

I am working daily on the configuring of so many POS units that are being sent out for a large project for one of OXHOO’s large accounts. I have also started working on a few RMA’s, this includes fault finding and replacing different components to return the product to working order.

  1. Any interests or hobbies outside of the office? (And perhaps favourite team/sport?)

Outside of work I like to spend time with my mates whilst playing football for two different teams, I support Liverpool, so I enjoy watching them play most of the time. I am also currently learning to drive.

  1. What are your thoughts on the future of POS?

I believe the future of POS is in kiosk services as this would create good business for companies because they are able to provide more customers with a service whilst also reducing waiting times.