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The evolution of software-as-a-service business apps has radically transformed how companies engage with technology. Solutions that were once prohibitively expensive for all but the largest organisations or difficult to onboard are now readily available, cheap and easy to install. 

Nowadays, anyone can download a POS app to their smartphone or tablet and have a fully functional point of sale system up and running in minutes. These apps let you upload stock lists, process payments, manage financial and other records, even scan items via the device camera. They’re great for start-up and pop-up retail and hospitality outfits. And they provide a flexibility that can help to improve the customer experience in any setting.

In that case, if POS apps can be downloaded to any standard consumer device, why do we sell purpose-built mobile POS devices here at Oxhoo? 

Apps are great. But here are five reasons why we’d always recommend running POS apps on a purpose-build mobile POS device over any other tablet or smartphone.

Up to the Task

Purpose-built mobile POS tablets are specifically designed for the demands of commercial environments. They are built to withstand the rigours of daily use in a business setting. On the other hand, consumer devices are not designed for continuous use and don’t have the same levels of durability. Purpose-built mobile POS tablets have features like reinforced casing and spill-resistant materials, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your business.

Enhanced Security

Security is a paramount concern in any transactional environment. Purpose-built mobile POS tablets come ready equipped with advanced security features like encryption protocols and secure payment processing capabilities, to safeguard sensitive customer data. Consumer mobile devices are notoriously insecure, and certainly don’t provide the robust levels of protection needed for data security and privacy compliance out of the box.

Seamless Integration

Purpose-built mobile POS tablets seamlessly integrate with existing POS systems and peripherals. Their compatibility with barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers is optimized for efficiency. For example, Oxhoo mobile POS devices come with multiple USB and HDMI connection ports, as well as Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi for remote connectivity. Consumer devices may require additional adapters or may not integrate as seamlessly, leading to potential compatibility issues and operational inefficiencies.

Reliability in Performance

Along with a rugged, task-focused build, the consistent and reliable performance of purpose-built mobile POS tablets sets them apart from consumer devices. These tablets are designed to handle the demands of high-volume transactions without experiencing the performance degradation that consumer devices may encounter. In particular, our mobile POS devices offer extended battery life, a critical advantage for ensuring uninterrupted performance during long shifts and peak periods.

Support and Maintenance

Businesses utilizing purpose-built mobile POS tablets benefit from dedicated support and maintenance services. These specialized devices often come with manufacturer support, ensuring prompt resolution of issues and continuous updates to keep the system running smoothly. Consumer devices often come with no such support, leaving businesses reliant on general customer service options or third-party solutions, which can be both expensive and difficult to access.

In conclusion, while installing POS apps on consumer devices may seem like a cost-effective solution, the advantages of purpose-built mobile POS tablets in terms of durability, security, integration, reliability, extended battery life, and dedicated support make them a superior choice for businesses aiming to optimize their point-of-sale operations. The tailored design and functionality of purpose-built tablets position them as a strategic investment for businesses committed to delivering a seamless and efficient transactional experience for their customers.

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