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In the dynamic and fast-paced world of event management, efficiency is paramount. Whether planning a music festival, a corporate conference, a local farmers’ market or a trade exhibition, organisers depend on the ability to set up at speed, and pack down afterwards just as quickly. 

Key to this is choosing technological solutions that can be configured rapidly. When you are preparing for a large event, you don’t have time for long-winded staging, configuration and testing. You need systems that are ready to go, straight out of the box. We call these ‘plug-and-play’ solutions.

It’s a principle that certainly applies to event POS. The largest events may require hundreds of POS terminals to be set up to cover food and drink concessions, merchandise stalls and more. Among the myriad features that contribute to a successful event POS system, plug-and-play capabilities stand out as a game-changer.

Hassle-free deployment

So what do we mean by plug-and-play, exactly? Put simply, it refers to the ability of a system or device to function with minimal installation or setup, without the need for complex technical intervention. In the context of event POS systems, this translates to the kind of swift and hassle-free deployment required when you have strict deadlines to meet and only limited time to use a space. 

It also means event organizers can focus on providing a flawless experience to attendees rather than being sidetracked with technical intricacies. Any delays in setting up POS systems ahead of an event can lead to long queues and frustrated customers. Event organisers need the security of trusting that everything will be up and running smoothly well before the event kicks off.

Moreover, the easier and quicker it is to get a POS system up and running, the less of a requirement there is to have specialized technicians on site. Systems with demanding configuration requirements may take up a considerable amount of an engineer’s attention per terminal. Multiply that across dozens or even hundreds of POS endpoints, and suddenly you have a major logistical operation. Can you find a partner who can provide enough people to meet your deadlines? And if so, at what cost?

With a low-maintenance solution, you might only need one or two technicians on site overseeing the set up of hundreds of terminals. Mostly it’s just a case of plugging in cables and switching on the units. Engineers are there to address any glitches.

Versatile, compatible components

Versatility is also an important aspect that event organizers appreciate. A single event may require POS systems with many different components, such as cash registers, card readers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and more. Again, there’s no time to stage and test all of these devices individually on site. They need to be connected and ready to go more or less straight away.

The benefits of versatility extend to different types of POS. While fixed-position POS terminals remain a mainstay of most events, mobile POS options are increasingly popular, providing an extra layer of agility. But it’s essential that fixed and mobile devices are compatible with one another so they can be used side-by-side, again without any time-consuming technical difficulties.

Oxhoo is a specialist in supplying robust, reliable POS solutions that deliver the convenience and flexibility event organisers appreciate. All of our terminals and peripheral devices are designed with simple, rapid set up in mind, making use of standard connection and networking formats like USB ports and WiFi.

In addition, we make our POS hardware compact and lightweight, perfect for moving in and out of an event location. And with our MOOV terminal range, we even offer a groundbreaking hybrid solution that provides the flexibility to be used as a fixed or mobile endpoint.

If you’re looking for flexible, simple, trustworthy POS solutions for your next event, contact us to request a free quote